Енергийно Строителство

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Build all kind of overhead transmission lines and substations, electro wiring for high and low voltage, transformers, power equipment. Building infrastructure for the power sector. Construction of internal and external electric installations.

We offer to our clients products and services in connection with investigation, design, mounting , construction and control of electrical installations and equipment in the area of energetics and communications by following of normative deeds, created from legislative or another competent institution. The company operates in fallowing directions:
• Design and implementation of energy objets;
• Design, building and installing of electrical panels;
• Electro fitting works, construction of electrical equipment for low, middle and high tension;
• Reconstruction and building of substations for distribution and transmission of electricity;
• Design and construction of PV power plants;
• Building of new and reconstruction of existing cable lines for MV and LV;
• Construction and repairing of overhead power lines for HV, MV and LV;
• Building of overhead twisted wire lines;
• Outdoor installation of existing electro meter panels, fitting of combined metering and distributing cabinets, joining of new consumers to distribution or transmission grids;
• Construction of power and lighting installations in civil and industrial buildings;
• Installation of new, reconstruction and modernization of existing public, outside and art lighting;
• Structural cable installation for industrial objects;